Best Handbags For Everyday Use

Stuffing all your essentials in your handbag every time you head out is an everyday ritual for most women. It is a challenge that women everywhere accept with bravery and valor. However, we wish to put an end to this agonizing ritual by introducing our fellow women to 5 luxury handbags that are best for everyday use. These luxury handbags can be rented out from Luxury Fashion Rentals so that you can try them out before making up your mind for a final purchase.


Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

This spacious LV Pochette Metis is without a doubt our favorite everyday use bag. Featuring a rectangular structure, two compartments, and a push lock closure, this bag provides a home to your on-the-go essentials. With an adjustable strap, you can use this LV bag as a cross body bag when you are running chores or going to the office. It is also a great choice to simply hang on your shoulder like a nice satchel bag. It looks sophisticated for women of all ages.


Louis Vuitton Wight

Think of all the meetings and parties you have to attend on the same day, can’t keep count? No problem, because this LV Wight is the answer. This round handbag comes with 7.2 x 9.3 x 3.25 inch dimensions that are enough to throw your things in; your phone, wipes, lipstick, perfume, sanitizer, power bank and everything else that you don’t wish to name can all be placed in this beautiful canvas made Louis Vuitton Wight bag. But before you purchase this beauty you can rent this luxury bag at Luxury Fashion Rentals to see for yourself whether it fulfills your needs!


Bloom GG Mini Supreme Bag

If you are a big floral fan, then this Gucci Bloom GG Mini Supreme Bag will surely strike a chord with you. It carries a minimal look making it a great fit for everyday use. With floral pattern this zipper bag is made from premium quality canvas and leather so it can withstand the weight of your belongings. Equipped with leatherette for shoulder protection, the strap comes with a metallic chain. Rent a Gucci bag before making the final purchase, because it is financially smarter and more convenient that way.


Chanel Old Medium Boy Bag

This must have is a heartthrob and gossip queen of parties. We all know how many parties you get invited to so why not make a statement at each one as you carry in this luxury handbag by Chanel? Equipped with Chanel’s typical quilted exterior, this Caviar Leather made rectangular bag is big enough to carry all your makeup, medicines, and first aid. Secured with a push lock this bag really has a luxurious vibe to it that you can’t ignore. Rent a Chanel Bag from Luxury Fashion Rentals to truly experience the premium quality.


Chanel Classic Square Mini Flap Bag
Rent A Bag

If you are thinking of changing your old everyday use bag for a new one, then surely we’d advise you to go for a lifetime investment such as this Classic Square Mini Flap Bag by Chanel. Not only does it fulfill a versatile purpose by complimenting all your dresses, it also provides a sweet escape from your large chunky mom bags, such as totes. Carry this every day to rock the simplest outfits. Rent it now at Luxury Fashion Rentals.


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