Select your favorite handbag

  • If a handbag you want is unavailable, add it to your wishlist and we will notify you through email when it becomes available

Once you are ready, proceed to check out

  • Provide basic information requested
  • A credit check (don’t worry, it won’t hurt your credit score) is required to rent your first handbag. We reserve the right to run additional credit checks if necessary. See Terms & Conditions

When you receive your handbag

  • Cut the zip tie on the outside of the ship/return box
  • All boxes must be shipped back with rented items
  • Each bag will have an attached tag with return instructions and guidelines
  • Do not remove tag if you are not satisfied with the order
  • Returns are only accepted if the tag has not been removed and within 2 business days. See complete shipping & return details

When you are ready to return your order

  • Empty all of your belongings from the handbag
  • Place the handbag into the dust bag
  • Place the tag inside the ship/return box
  • Stick the return label over the original label which can be found inside the ship/return box
  • Zip the ship/return box and secure with an unused zip tie that can be found inside the box. See complete shipping & return details

Once you are done, drop off at your local UPS store

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