Top 5 Must Have Trendy Designer Bags


Looking for high-end, branded bags that you can show off with your gorgeous outfits at different events, but your wallet doesn’t seem to agree with you? Well then, you need to check out Luxury Fashion Rentals. Our website lets you rent luxury bags at low prices and pair them with any dress that you like. Here are the top 5 luxury handbags that you can rent from our website.


1) Chanel 2.55 Reissue Hanger Flap Bag

Rent Chanel Handbags

This bag is one of those classic looking bags that every woman should have in her bag collection. The Chanel brand makes highly fashionable bags that take over the trend chart most of the time, but this bag especially is one that will not go unnoticed. The chic and classy look of the handbag will help your outfit look more stylish and high-end. The golden turn lock on the flap of the bag helps keep the contents of the bag secure. The golden Chanel logo and fittings add to the classy look of the bag.


2) Chanel Small Boy Bag

This unique looking bag is available in many different colors. The bag is the ideal accessory for people who like to stay trendy and fashionable while they travel. The box-like bag is perfect to keep all your contents safe and secure in one place. The leather strap has a chain wrapped around it, as well as the silver fixing on the push lock and the sides of the straps. This chic Chanel bag can easily be paired with tons of bright outfits to add more life to your look.


3) Chanel Round Glitter Bag

It is well known that glitter helps everything appear more glamorous and shinier. This shinny, round glitter box by Chanel is exactly what you need to add instant style and femininity to your look. It comes with a leather strap with a chain wrapped all around it and a thin strip of leather on top to help carry it easily on the shoulder. The silver Chanel zipper pull charm and the fixings on the sides of the bag make it appear even shinier. The zipper on the top helps the carrier achieve easy access to the contents inside.


4) Chanel Transparent Flap Bag

Transparent bags have been the talk of the town for a long time. Some people may find it unsafe to put their belongings in a transparent bag, but this bag is perfect for people who are into the trendiest street style and want to style their outfits with the most extra accessories. The light shade of color of the bag helps the material appear translucent, with the silver hardware and the Chanel logo becoming even more prominent. The bag comes with a turn lock on the flap and a strap made out of the chain and leather combination.


5) Louis Vuitton Bento Box BB

The name of this bag describes its style and shape. Louis Vuitton’s box-like bag is exactly what you need if you are planning on styling up your outfits in a unique and classy way. This bag quite literally screams high-end style and class. It has the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram printed all over the bag. The bag also has a leather strap that can be detached from the top, along with golden fittings on each end, as well as a golden push lock that fits perfectly into the hook set in the center of the bag.


Get your hands on one of these designer handbags from LuxuryFashionRentals.com and rent them for 14 days or 30 days. Luxury Fashion Rentals promises to rent you the most authentic, branded luxury bags at extremely reasonable prices. We hope that this will always help you style your outfits better and look your best.


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