Best Tips To Find The Perfect Handbag!


There is nothing as glamorous and diverse as a lady’s handbag. If you watched Bob the builder as a kid, you’d know how everything he needed popped out of his bag. Lady’s handbags are no exception. However, it’s a tough call to make when you are surrounded by all the high-end luxury handbags with each seemingly better and more beautiful than the other. In order to make the selection easier we’ve compiled a list of tips you can follow to make your dream purchase!

Also, if you have already eyed a bag that you want to purchase, try it out at luxury handbag rentals, so you don’t have to cry a river after purchasing it!


Let’s continue with the tips!

1) Ease of Use

You know your bag will accompany you everywhere you go, so it is very important that you check it out for the level of comfort you have while it is still on your shoulders. Bags with straps that have special shoulder pads or leatherette pieces are ideal for people who often carry everything in their bags. Sustaining the weight is yet another topic we will discuss later, but the ability to carry around your luggage in your handbag without scratching or slipping off easily is very important when it comes to choosing a handbag. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons I resorted to checking out the infamous Chanel Boy Wallet on Chain at Luxury Fashion Rentals before making my final purchase.


2) Weight of the Bag

Since you will be carrying your stuff in a handbag, you need to make sure that the weight of the handbag itself is not something that would bother you in the long run. Sometimes leather bags can be a handful when it comes to weight, so always choose a bag that doesn’t weigh too much because it is neither good for your back nor your shoulders. If you have even the slightest of doubts about luxury bag’s weight, then always look up for ‘where can I rent designer bags’ near you. You can rent it out and try for yourself.


3) Zip / Magnetic Enclosure

The bane of all our lives, the kind of enclosure each handbag has does a lot for making the purchase, and by that, I mean the right purchase. If you are carrying light stuff with you, then go for magnetic enclosures. However, if you are a heavy packer like me always opt for zip enclosures. Yes, this might come as a surprise, but zip enclosures keep your belongings safe, and that is a prerequisite for a handbag.


4) Purpose

If you are looking for a fancy party clutch your demands would be different, such is the case with an everyday use handbag or any other bag for that matter. Gucci’s padlock small shoulder bag will not help you get through a day at the office even if it looks cute – because you need something that fulfills your needs, not something that just looks cute! So always consider the purpose behind the purchase.


In my opinion, the best way to ensure that a handbag meets your needs and fashion standards is by renting a designer bag. You can try the bag and see how suitable it is for you. You’ll be paying a minimal price for all the fun you have with it, only to change it later for a new one!

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